E-Commerce Website Development Cost in India 2023.

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E-Commerce Website Development Cost in India 2023?

E-commerce website development provides an online platform to users to sell and buy different products or services. Website development involves designing, developing and implementing other various different types of features to ensure seamless customer experience.

Today's digital era one-fourth of the total population in the world was buying products or selling their products online. E-commerce platform very helpful for retail store owners to come online and sell their products and boost their sales effectively. In recent years we have seen rapidaly increasing number of active internet users, so taking your business online is the best decision in current digital era. And for your business building one e-Commerce website can be the best idea.

But the question is, "How much does it cost to develop an e-Commerce website in India?"

Let's talk about types of E-Commerce website

Single Vendor E-Commerce Website:-

  • An online store where only its owner is selling his niche products is called a single vendor e-Commerce website.

  • In single vendor site only store owner can sells their own products. No other person can use or sell his own products without website owner's permission.

  • Single vendor site owner sells his products directly to his buyers via this e-Commerce platform.

  • E.g., Best example of single vendor e-Commerce platform is retail businesses like footwear or watches or electronic devices or cakeshops etc.

Multi Vendor E-Commerce Website:-

  • A multi-vendor e-Commerce website also called as multi vender marketplace is an online platform where website owner allows other retail store sellers to sell their products or services to customers.

  • A multi-vendor website is like one-stop shop for all customers. Its like mall where all sellers sell their products in one place.

  • Customers can easily find different items like electronics, fashion category, households etc. in one shop.

  • E.g., Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy etc. are the example of multi-vendor e-Commerce website.

We need to focus on Some factors before developing ecommerce website.

  • Website domain and hosting services
  • Website design and theme
  • Content on website
  • Other functionality or integration like payment gateway
  • Maintenance cost

Above factors can be impact on development cost.

How much does it cost to develop an e-Commerce website in India?

The cost of e-Commerce website development in India starts from ₹35,000. But above mentioned cost can be vary according to website's size, functionality, complexity and other additional integration or plugins.

The cost of small e-Commerce website cost starts from ₹25,000 with less features and less functionality. The cost of complex e-Commerce website development cost slightly higher which is start from ₹50,000 due some extra functionality, features and some other customization.

Lets check simple explanation of e-Commerce website development cost:

Content Cost
Domain ₹700-₹1500/year
Hosting ₹8000-₹15000/year
Website Design₹35000-₹150000
API Integration and functionality₹20000-₹30000
Website SEO₹5000- ₹30000
Website Maintenance₹20000 onwards

The above costs are tentative and may vary based on customers requirement.


In this blog, we discussed about e-Commerce website development cost as well as we discussed some different factors that affect on development cost.

If you have more questions about e-Commerce website design or want to know how much your e-Commerce website will cost to build, Reach out to us today.

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